Im freaking out a little on the inside

Found out through instagram and Twitter that its a high possibility that Ghost Adventures is filming in Oklahoma City

I just want to see if me wondering around downtown if id be able to spot them to get a pic or just talk about the paranormal.

Another thing its funny cuz I was talking to my mom like last month while watching the show and was like “why havent they come to OKC?”

This needs reworked badly

18.5 (which in my terms for an adult is not healthy at any height) - 25….

These standards do need changed.

I added my BMI up and I’m still classified as overweight for less then a half a point for my height and build. I’ve lost probably over 85lbs in the last year and a half, I’m in a freakin size 8 in jeans, and I’ve had to drop a size in shirts and in my bra (seriously? @-@) how the hell am I by medical standards overweight? Yes there are a few areas I still need to tighten up but they are the hard areas to work at but I mean really the BMI is calling me overweight and yet when I look in the mirror I look like I lost another person almost.

This doesn’t bring up the fact that women need a certain about of fat percentage to survive and look healthy otherwise its skin and bone showing. This also doesn’t bring up the build of a person’s body. Athletic, Slim, Long or Short Legged, Long or Short Torso.

This woman is correct in the fact that the BMI standards need to be overlooked or reworked.~~~ Fitness Blogger Takes BMI Standards to Task